Editing PDF is certainly a crucial task, and there are plenty of ways to edit a PDF in Microsoft Windows OS. But in macOS, a user can edit PDF files by using any web tool or use a PDF editor software. There are many PDF editor software available online, but most of them lack the aspects of features and user experience. In this article, I am going to review the best PDF editors for Mac that will satisfy all your editing needs and offer a premium quality experience.

macOS users suffer because of low flexibility and variety in the aspect of the software. It is difficult for one to find a quality PDF Editor that does all the work. We tried our best and found some of the best & potential PDF Editor software for Mac. Let us not waste any more of our time and move further to the list of best Mac PDF Editors.

Best PDF Editor for Mac in 2021

We dug super deeper then listed below the best PDF Editor for macOS that will help you edit PDF files without much technical hassle.

1. PDF Expert

We strongly recommend PDF Expert as its the best editor that can fulfill all your needs. So, if you are really confused, pick PDF Expert and you are good to go.

PDF Expert is a powerful PDF editor specially designed for macOS and is also compatible with iPhone & iPad devices. By using this astounding tool, you can view, interpret & edit any PDF file. Apart from that, it offers a comprehensive interface with fantastic & healful features. It was first launched for the iOS platform, but later, the developers launched it for Mac. 

PDF Expert is subjected to as one of the most affordable Mac PDF editors, and you can subscribe for it at a value price of $50 for a year. So if you are searching for a budget PDF editor, then PDF Expert is certainly the best option for you to go for.

2. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Adobe’s Acrobat Pro DC is an astounding software that is ruling the PDF Editor segment for a long time. It offers a variety of PDF editing functions to enhance the user experience to the next level. The interface of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is pro-user as it aims to ease the user operations. Acrobat Pro DC allows its users to make PDFs from a variety of file types (extensions.)

Considering the organic user reviews and the features offered, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is available at an affordable value. You can subscribe to the Pro DC (Premium PDF Editor by Adobe) at a price of $179 for a year.

If you are looking for a premium PDF editor for your macOS, then you should definitely try Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

3. PDFelement Pro

PDFelement Pro is another potential PDF editor for macOS that allows you to view as well as edit PDF pages without any technical hassle. It is a lot more than just a PDF editor, as it has the ability to convert PDF files into several extensions. PDFelement aims to provide ease to the users by offering a user-friendly interface.

Creating, editing, converting, and combining a PDF was never this simple. So if you are looking for something appealing and straightforward, then PDFelement Pro is certainly your GO!

The premium subscription of PDFelement Pro costs about $99.95 that has no restrictions on any feature. Apart from that, you can also get it at a value of $60, but it will restrict some advance features like extraction of data and much more.

4. PDFpenPro

PDFpenPro is an astounding software to read, create & edit PDF files without much technical hassle. It is widely used by professional workers & corporate structures because of its straightforward features. Unlike most of the PDF editors, PDFpenPro has simplified all its features in one single tab to make it easy for users to operate. The unique feature of PDFpenPRO is that it allows the user to open & view multiple files at once.

If you are searching for a potential PDF editor with all essential functions, then PDFpenPro is undoubtedly the best pick for you. Try it and share your experience in the comment section below.

5. ABBYY FineReader Pro

It is rather an OCR reader and you cannot rely on this for all your PDF related tasks.

ABBYY FineReader Pro is a superb PDF editor for viewing PDF files on your Mac. The max motive of ABBYY FineReader Pro is to ensure flexibility and quick features to ensure speed in user actions. It is available for both Microsoft Windows OS & macOS, but the only drawback is the Mac version lacks some features as compared to the Windows operating system. You can get this astounding PDF editor software at a value price of $120, but a little digging can help you with some discounts. Considering all the features of ABBYY FineReader Pro is an average PDF editor that will help you with all your PDF needs.

These were some of the best PDF editors for Mac that you can undoubtedly choose and satisfy your PDF editing requirements.


The PDF file was originally created by Adobe to help its user to access & share document files easily. There are dozens of free PDF editors, but all of them lack in some aspect, and therefore, you should opt for the premium ones (mentioned-above.) I believe that this comprehensive listing helped you and satisfied your search regarding the best PDF editor for Mac. We strongly recommend you to use PDFExpert as it will get all your PDF related work done with ease.

The list is absolutely unbiased and based on actual facts & user reviews. If there is anything missed by us relevant to the subject, then please make a comment below, and I will respond to it with a positive & helpful reply. Also, share this piece of information with your friends and help them have a premium PDF editing experience.

Which amongst the list is your favorite Mac PDF Editor? Share your experience.